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NEXT SUB Shipping Date: 23rd July

NEXT SUB Shipping Date: 23rd July

NEXT SUB Shipping Date: 23rd July

The Gin Club for the Curious


How does it work?

Let's begin!

Join the Gin Club for the Curious and receive a 100ml pouch of incredible gin - enough for at least two or three generous gin and tonics, or a few cocktails, each and every month.

A drop of ginspiration.

No fret, no boxes left by the bin and no signatures here – each new pouch arrives straight through your letterbox. Whether you want to sip or mix, simply open, pour and enjoy!

Get ginvolved.

Join our community of fellow gin lovers, rate your recent nip and discover new gins from the world over. There’s tips, recipes, live tastings and cocktail making classes with each and every delivery. Plus buy bottles of your favourites from our online store with exclusive member discounts.

Welcome to a club of pure imagination....

To GIN or not to GIN

Cancel anytime. Stay for a short time or a long time (but always a good time).

Member Rewards

From distillery tours to gin tours, we offer a range of nationwide rewards to our members as our gin loving club grows.

Available in All Sizes

Get a full bottle for the lowest price on the internet, or get a pouch (100ml) and only buy full bottles of the stuff you love.

Make Mine a Double Double

£16 in a bar, £7 at home. We’re the best value way of sampling new gin's anywhere online.

Drink great gin....and know things

Gin Subscription


Learn About Gin

Botanicals: Juniper

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Learn About Gin

How to make Sloe Gin

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Learn About Gin

The Gin Craze


Keeping it simple

We're all about the gin! No sweets or snacks you didn't ask for, no promo material, just the best gins at the best price with only the information that you need.

About the Club

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