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Brixton Gin

24 June 2024

Brixton Gin


Brixton Gin, created by the Brixton Distillery Company, is a distinctive London Dry Gin that captures the essence of Brixton's vibrant and diverse community. Drawing inspiration from the area's rich cultural tapestry, Brixton Gin combines traditional distillation techniques with locally sourced botanicals to create a unique and memorable spirit.

The gin is made from a base of traditional London Dry botanicals, while hibiscus, wood violet, and local honey add a rich floral complexity that sets this gin apart. Nine botanicals are used in total, spread across three different distillations. These distillates are then carefully blended, resulting in a gin with fresh floral aromas and a bright citrus finish, aptly named Brixton Dry Gin.

The botanicals used in Brixton Gin are sourced from within the community, reflecting a commitment to local partnerships. Brixton Bees Honey, a small family-owned business with a few dozen hives, contributes a unique element to the gin. The bees collect pollen from a diverse range of sources, producing a honey that is complex, fragrant, and delicious. This honey provides a distinctive touch to the gin's flavour profile.

Additionally, Brixton Gin partners with Urban Growth, an organisation dedicated to transforming disused spaces into thriving gardens. Urban Growth cultivates wood violets, coriander, angelica, and even a juniper tree for use in Brixton Gin, ensuring a direct connection between the community and the product.

The bottle design of Brixton Gin is a fusion of old and new, featuring Gustav Greis, a historical character from Brixton’s rich past. Known for his extravagant moustache, Gustav Greis was a familiar figure in Brixton, often seen riding in his zebra-drawn carriage. The logo is inspired by the street art that has become a hallmark of Brixton, symbolising the neighbourhood's vibrant and creative spirit.

Brixton Gin, with its unique blend of botanicals and strong community ties, offers a distinctive gin experience that reflects the heart and soul of Brixton.