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23 October 2023



Botanicals distillery history

When diving into the world of craft gins, Jensen's stands out as a distinctive luminary. Unlike many modern brands that battle for attention with a cacophony of unusual botanicals, Jensen's adheres to a purer, vintage approach. 

Jensen’s Gin finds its roots in Bermondsey, London. Christian Jensen, the founder, wasn’t satisfied with the contemporary gin scene's trajectory. He yearned for a gin that resonated with the pure essence of the spirit, devoid of any modern gimmicks. This led him on a quest to understand and reproduce the gins of yesteryears, specifically those from London's distilling golden age in the 1800s. Thus, Jensen's Gin was launched in 2004 at a time when the UK had perhaps no more than a dozen established gin brands.


In Jensen's Gin, there’s no race to stuff the bottle with a myriad of unknown and exotic botanicals. Instead, it takes pride in a carefully selected range, each contributing to the gin’s depth and character. The juniper, as expected, takes centre stage. It’s robust but not overwhelming, bringing with it that nostalgic touch of classic gin. Complementing the juniper are coriander, angelica, orris root, and a few other traditional botanicals.

Jensen's has only ever offered two primary expressions: the Bermondsey Dry and the Old Tom. The Bermondsey Dry is a nod to the unsweetened gins of the 1800s. It’s smooth, balanced, and incredibly versatile, making it a fantastic choice for classic gin cocktails. The Old Tom, on the other hand, revives a nearly forgotten style. Historically, Old Tom gins were slightly sweeter, bridging the gap between the drier gins and the malty Dutch genever. Jensen's Old Tom is naturally sweetened, creating a richer and more rounded profile, perfect for those looking to explore the diverse spectrum of gin flavours.


Whether you're a gin aficionado or someone just beginning their journey into this delightful spirit, Jensen's offers a lesson in simplicity, authenticity, and dedication. It reminds us that sometimes, looking back provides the inspiration needed to move forward meaningfully. In Jensen's case, that means producing a gin that transcends time, transporting its drinker to the heart of London's gin history with every sip.