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(Spoiler: Gin made us do it)

The inspiration for 'The Pouch' here at The Club for the Curious actually came from a gin brand who were using large 70cl pouches to refill bottles across trade accounts. We’re not the first, and we’ll definitely not be the last to use pouches to package gin.  

Using The Pouch means we can deliver the best possible gins at the lowest possible price. It also means we can get them through your letterbox – which is more convenient for you than a trip to the collection office, and cheaper for us to ship. And there’s zero effect on the taste of the gin. 

Great taste guaranteed
Cheaper to ship

Refill or Recycle

Need another reason why we’ve kicked glass and switched to The Pouch? 

Glass bottles produce more CO2 to make and to ship. They also need extra packaging to stop them breaking. If we used bottles, we’d be raising our carbon footprint right at a time when we should be doing the opposite.

The pouches also make great carry ons, simply wash and refill with your favourite tipple, at 100ml they’re airport, train or even back pocket friendly! 

Plus, recycling your pouches is now even easier with supermarkets across the UK providing flexible plastic collection points at store. 

You can drop off your gin pouches alongside your other flexible plastic packaging at a collection point near you and we encourage all our members to recycle locally.

Scroll down and click the link to find your nearest recycling service.

Uses less CO2
Lowers our carbon footprint
Reuse or recycle locally

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