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Eight Lands

18 January 2023

Eight Lands


Botanicals distillery

Eight Lands is a gin brand produced at the Glenrinnes distillery, in the heart of Scotland's Speyside whisky producing region. Located adjacent to Ben Rinnes (Speyside's highest peak) the Glenrinnes estate is comprised of 6,000 acres of organic sheep, cattle and deer farmland, and now a distillery too.


The distillery is a newcomer to an area that already boasts over 50 spirit producers, and can call the likes of Cardhu, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet nearby neighbours. Built in 2018, Glenrinnes began production in 2019 and has thus far released a gin (as well as a limited edition sloe gin) and a vodka. Given the location you might assume that whisky will soon follow, but the team here designed this distillery specifically to make gin and vodka so that's what they do.


The name Eight Lands was inspired by the eight counties of Scotland that are visible from the top of Ben Rinnes. 

Their gin recipe uses a total of 11 botanicals, including chamomile, lime, and sheep sorrel (mild lemon flavour), as well as wood sorrel (sharper citrus flavour) and crowberries (subtle fruitiness), which are sourced from their own Glenrinnes estate. The spring water used for diluting to bottle strength is drawn from the Clashmarloch spring on the lowest slopes of Ben Rinnes, very near to the distillery.


Distillation is done on a 1,000 litre hybrid pot and column still that can be used to make high strength spirit for their vodka as well as a neutral base for their gin. 

The Glenrinnes distillery is open to visitors Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.