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23 February 2024



Botanicals distillery Production

Nàdar Gin is produced by the innovative Arbikie Distillery. Located on the east coast of Scotland, Arbikie is a farm-to-bottle operation that prides itself on its field-to-bottle approach. This unique gin not only showcases Arbikie's commitment to sustainability and innovation but also represents a significant leap forward in environmentally friendly distilling practices.

The Arbikie Distillery is a family-owned venture, with the Stirling brothers at the helm, who are deeply rooted in the agricultural heritage of their land. Their approach to distilling is grounded in the use of estate-grown ingredients, ensuring that each bottle of Nàdar Gin reflects the character and terroir of their surroundings. The distillery's ethos revolves around minimal environmental impact, with a keen focus on producing spirits that are as sustainable as they are premium.

The name 'Nàdar' itself means 'nature' in Gaelic, underscoring the distillery's commitment to environmental stewardship. What sets Nadar Gin apart is its use of peas in the distillation process. This is not only a novel approach but also a sustainable one, as peas fix nitrogen from the air, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers on the farm. The result is a carbon-negative spirit with a carbon footprint of -1.54kg CO2 per 700ml bottle of gin, which Arbikie claims to be the world's first climate-positive gin.

The production process of Nadar Gin is a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. The gin is distilled using a combination of traditional botanicals and the unique addition of peas, which impart a fresh and verdant character to the spirit. This results in a gin that is smooth, with a distinctive flavour profile that balances classic juniper notes with a fresh, vegetal sweetness, making it a versatile spirit for a wide range of cocktails.

Tasting notes for Nadar Gin highlight its crisp and clean palate, with hints of citrus and a subtle sweetness that comes from the peas. It finishes with a gentle herbaceousness, making it a refreshing choice for gin enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary.

Sustainability is at the core of Arbikie's operations, and this is reflected not just in the production of Nàdar Gin but in all aspects of the distillery's practices. From the use of renewable energy to power their operations to the careful management of water and waste, Arbikie is a leading example of how distilleries can operate in harmony with their environment.

In conclusion, Nàdar Gin and the Arbikie Distillery represent the cutting edge of sustainable spirit production. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality sets them apart in the crowded world of gin. For those interested in the future of distilling, Nàdar Gin offers a taste of what's possible when tradition meets innovation, with a focus on environmental responsibility.