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Jim & Tonic

20 March 2024

Jim & Tonic


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Jim & Tonic began its journey with a unique start, initially making a name for itself in the events scene. The brand carved out its niche by bringing high-quality, sustainably-focused gin to various events, festivals, and pop-ups across London. This grassroots approach allowed them to directly engage with gin enthusiasts and the wider public, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and community through their mobile gin bars. And it helped to build a loyal following as well as providing invaluable insights into consumer preferences, shaping the development of their distinct gin varieties.

Today, Jim & Tonic's brand headquarters and primary distillery are located in the vibrant Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle, a great spot for food lovers and a hub for sustainability. This location reflects Jim & Tonic's values perfectly, being part of a community that champions local produce, reduces food waste, and fosters a culture of environmental awareness. Here, visitors can enjoy a gin tasting experience that's truly embedded in the ethos of local and sustainable production.

Expanding their presence across London, Jim & Tonic has also established bars in areas known for their rich history and cultural diversity, including Soho and Shoreditch. Each location offers a unique gin experience that captures the spirit of its surroundings. The Soho bar, nestled in one of London's most iconic entertainment districts, provides a cosy retreat where classic and contemporary gin cocktails meet the buzz of the city. Meanwhile, the Shoreditch bar taps into the area's creative and eclectic vibe, offering innovative gin concoctions that mirror the locality's dynamic energy.

Jim & Tonic’s commitment to local sourcing is evident in their selection of botanicals, many of which are gathered from within London itself or nearby regions. This not only supports the local farming community but also ensures the freshness and quality of their gins. Their sustainable practices extend to their energy use, with distillation processes powered by renewable sources, further minimising their carbon footprint.

Their innovative approach to packaging and distribution is particularly noteworthy. Emphasising sustainability, Jim & Tonic uses recyclable materials for their bottles and encourages customers to participate in a refill program available at their bars. This initiative not only reduces waste but also strengthens the connection between the brand and its patrons, fostering a community of environmentally conscious gin enthusiasts.

In March 2024 we are featuring Jim & Tonic's Jasmine, Szechuan Pepper & Mango Gin - a gin that combines Eastern flavours with traditional gin botanicals to great effect. The overall result is florality, with the oft fragrance of jasmine combining with light and fruity mango aromas plus the vibrant zing of szechuan pepper. This is the perfect gin to welcome in the spring!